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Tips from the pros: How to look like a pro rider

For some, it’s about looking good; for others, staying dry or simply going fast: pros past and present tell CW about their favourite style upgrades. (Cycling Weekly)

Doping in sport: Drug use ‘fast becoming a crisis’ – Nicole Sapstead

UK Anti-Doping says drug use in sport is “fast becoming a crisis” in response to a poll for BBC Sport into doping in amateur sport. (BBC Sport)

14 per cent of amateur cyclists admit to taking steroids in survey (Cycling Weekly)

How to follow the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and who you should watch

A showdown between some of the world’s best ultra-endurance racers is set to begin when the first running of the 5,500km Indian Pacific Wheel Race kicks off at 6am Saturday.

Montana Legislator Plans to Introduce Extensive Anti-Cyclist Bill

Senate Leader Scott Sales has called cyclists “some of the rudest and most self-centered people [he’s] ever encountered” (Bicycling Magazine)

Diamondback’s Dreaming Again

Following up on last year’s amazing Dream Ride video, Diamondback has created another incredible dream sequence. (The Radavist)

Road rage driver charged after rant towards cyclist caught on video

A driver who was caught on camera threatening and ranting at a cyclist in Ross, California has been charged with reckless driving. (Cycling Weekly)

Lance Armstrong roasts Dale Earnhardt Jr’s cycling struggles

Lance Armstrong saw Junior complaining about his cycling issues on social media and reached out to Johnson to offer some words of wisdom to the novice. And then publicized it. (For The Win)

The best folding bikes and electric folding bikes

A folding bike could be the ideal solution if you want to combine a cycle trip with a train journey. (Cycling Weekly)

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race: Once-in-a-lifetime adventure or folly for the foolhardy?

When the clock strikes 6:00am in Fremantle, Western Australia this Saturday morning, around 70 cyclists will start a race across Australia that will take the best of them nearly two weeks to finish.

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race (or ‘Indy Pac’ for short) has no prize money, no trophies, and no massive crowds – just the road, and the unpredictable Australian elements. (Cycling Tips)

Use Strava to track speeding cyclists, says Aussie politician

Later describes suggestion as “a brain fart.” (

Cycling Maven: Jesse Carlsson’s IndiPac Tips

Cycling Maven interviews Jesse Carlsson, who shares his tips for long-distance riding and racing. (more…)

Playing rugby is more than 500 times riskier than riding a bike, say researchers

Study conducted in response to people saying they were deterred from cycling because of risk of injury. (

Videos: Crazy scenes as world’s biggest bike race cancelled as riders battle 100kph winds

One of the world’s biggest cycling events, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, had to be cancelled this morning as thousands of participants battled against winds in excess of 100 kilometres an hour. (

Cycling was the force that kept me alive

“How much time will I have to stay away from my bike?!”

I swear that question was the first one to cross my mind when my doctor said the most terrifying words I had ever heard: “Yes, it is cancer”. Only after that I thought about chemo, mastectomy, baldness, and nausea. (Cycling Tips)

Jeannie Longo’s husband given suspended prison sentence

Patrice Ciprelli has been sentenced to one year suspended prison term for importing EPO. Ciprelli is the coach and husband of French cyclist Jeannie Longo. (

LEOMO Type-R Motion Analysis moves another layer onto your training program

In the game of getting better and faster on your bike, getting a coach and training with power are two of the more effective ways to play it. Now, there’s a third tool available – Motion Analysis. (Bike Rumor)

A bike fit for speed and adventure: distance rider Mike Hall’s Kinesis Racelight GF_Ti V3 for Indy Pac

Yorkshire’s former round-the-world record holder Mike Hall is one of the leading endurance riders heading to Australia to take part in the inaugural India Pacific Wheel Race (IndyPac). (RoadCyclingUK)

Watch: Tim Stevens – The Racer

Short film follows former Great Britain rider Tim Stevens as he trains to ride the East Surrey Hardriders time trial, prior to his untimely death in 2016. (Cycling Weekly)

Caffeine potentially on WADA’s List of Prohibited Substances

WADA added caffeine to its Monitoring Program for 2017 so experts could study whether athletes are using the substance “with the intent of enhancing performance.” (Steve Tilford)

It’s time for cycling culture to reject the Velominati’s rules

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I started hating “The Rules” and everything they represent.

Sweat Rate Linked to Body Mass, Not Gender

Until recently, it’s been postulated that men and women sweat at different rates due to hormonal factors, but a new study has found that rather than hormones, it’s body mass that impacts sweat rate the most. (Bicycling Magazine)